Sehr schönes Statement vom „Macher“ der Pearl Acou...

Sehr schönes Statement vom „Macher“ der Pearl Acoustics Sibelius

The legendary, Alan Sircom of HiFi + once said that our Sibelius speakers were for people who had got beyond the need for a musical ‘wow’. Recently I have been asking myself “how will I know when I have reached the point when the search for new and better can (and should) stop?”

Well I have good news for those who maybe are asking themselves the same question.

It’s when you have had your current installation for more than a year and you still feel great every time you switch it on. It’s when you no longer select cds or vinyl based upon their recording quality and how they will sound but on their content, the music, the performance. It’s when time flies when you are listening, when every recording sounds like the musicians are right there in your listening room, performing just for you. It’s when you feel relaxed and happy about the choices you made and can walk past a HiFi shop or website without feeling the urge to replace a perfectly good piece of equipment with something else. When you are in that place, you’ve kicked the addiction and are able to enjoy life without pressure.
I hope you’re there. I know I am.
Happy weekend

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