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Tobian Soundsystems | Günter Tobian

Since my boyhood days I have dreamt of making the best sounding components because I could not find them on the market. With 25 years’ of expertise, I have managed to make my dreams come true.

And so can you.

I live and work in Central Switzerland next to beautiful Lake Lucerne, surrounded by mountains. Empowered by my wonderful family, I work with a team of unique experts to make those audio dreams come true. I take a lot of time to develop and manufacture high efficiency coaxial speakers, tube amps and DACs. Deeply rooted in audio history, I am also fully aware of today’s manufacturing advantages and apply them whenever they will be useful. Please take your time to experience my components and I can promise you, it will only take moments before you realize that you are listening to something special, something musical: a gateway to the music.

Let me introduce you to some secrets behind the making of these products.

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Tobian Soundsystems | Röhren-Endstufe MA 100 - Vorführer minus 50%
Tobian Soundsystems | Röhren-Endstufe MA 100 -...
Tobian MA100 Monoblöcke mit KT88 bestückung - Vorführer mit 50% Nachlass Statt 39.900 jetzt 19.950,- Ja ist es denn die Möglichkeit? Geht denn wirklich immer noch mehr? Das wissen wir nicht. Wir dachten jedenfalls, dass Günter Tobian mit...
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