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Gefertigt aus italienischem stark dämpfendem Schieferplatten. STACORE INTRO  – An... mehr
Produktinformationen "STACORE | INTRO Plattform"

Gefertigt aus italienischem stark dämpfendem Schieferplatten.

STACORE INTRO – An introductory model for less demanding applications. A rigid shelf without pneumatics. The core of the platform is our unique  premium quality Italian slate in a highly efficient Constrained Layer Damping (CLD) configuration. The platform follows our high  mass  approach, where acoustically dampened high mass is used as a natural damping mechanism. Both this approach and the damped CLD slate have proven to work great in our higher models – STACORE pneumatic platforms. The INTRO platform can be seen as their “little sister”  – a simple yet efficient solution, bearing similar sonic improvements. Cleaner, more resolved sound, better articulation and dynamical contrast, better detail retrieval, no noticeable own colorations.  Just like out higher models, the platform is hand crafted in Poland to the highest esthetical standards. It rests on 3 (standard) or 4 (at an extra cost) beautifully machined, massive stainless steel spikes with individual height adjustments for an easy leveling.

The platform offers a remarkable elasticity when comes to its application. The spikes can be unscrewed and:

  • Exchanged with our footers  

  • The platform can be integrated into our Rack Systemas a CLD shelf.

The dimensions: 580 (L) x 480 (W) x 77 (H; adjustable) [mm] Nett weight: 35kg;

Max load:

  • 60kg [3 spikes]

  • 120kg [4 spikes]

Larger custom sizes available on a special request.

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