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Murasakino Ltd. is proud to announce the new MC cartridge, “Sumile.” “Sumile” means “violet”... mehr
Produktinformationen "SUMILE | Tonabnehmer SUMILE"

Murasakino Ltd. is proud to announce the new MC cartridge, “Sumile.”
“Sumile” means “violet” in Japanese, taken from the cartridge’s housing color.
Sumile is not lavished with superfluous technologies or rare materials.
Instead, through our commitment to fundamental quality, it is the ultimate analog product.
As a low-impedance MC cartridge, Sumile’s impedance is only 1.2Ω.
Producing a low-impedance cartridge is fairly simple because the impedance is kept
low by reducing the number of turns in the coil.
However, fewer coil turns also reduce output voltage, which has to be compensated
for by larger amplification. In addition, noise problems are more likely to occur.
But Sumile solves these problems by maintaining low impedance while ensuring
sufficient output voltage.
Stainless steel is renowned for its stable sound quality and has been incorporated into
products such as tonearms (and some cartridges) by many manufacturers.

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Sumile  MC cartridge Sunday analog Zen

Perfect Sunday analog Zen and what a positive surprise! You never know exactly what each and every cartridge will bring with its dedicated voicing. Yes, I'm always enthralled by Japanese analog micro machines. Still... While there is great span of what can be expected sonically wise,  Sumile MC cartridge balanced act comes as something surprisingly refreshing. On the first note strike this little musical machine instantly captured my senses. Drive, balance, spot on tempi, natural feather lightness of detail and musical transcription in vernacular.

Technische Daten

Frequenzgang:   10~50,000HZ
Ausgangsspannung:   0.35mV / 1kHz
Impedanz:   1.2Ω
Kanaltrennung:   > 30  dB / 1 kHz
Kanalbalance:   0,5 dB / 1 kHz
Nadelnachgiebigkeit:   8 x 10-6
Auflagekraft:   1.9~2.1g
Nadelschliff:   Semi-Line Contact  3 x 30 µm
Nadelträger:   Boron
Gewicht:   14.5g
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