GRADO | Reference 3 Moving Iron Tonabnehmer

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Grado low / high output:

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  • SW10712
Weltweit gibt es wohl kaum einen anderen Tonabnehmer, dem eine derartige Musikalität nachgesagt... mehr
Produktinformationen "GRADO | Reference 3 Moving Iron Tonabnehmer"

Weltweit gibt es wohl kaum einen anderen Tonabnehmer, dem eine derartige Musikalität nachgesagt wird, wie dem legendärem Grado Reference. Neue Maßstäbe setzt es nun in der aktuellen Version als Reference 3. Mit der vom Spitzenmodell Epoch adaptierten Gehäusedämpfung, hat Grado bei ihren Moving Iron Abtastern das perfekte Resonanzverhalten errreicht. Kompromisslose Schallplattenliebhaber erwartet eine unglaubliche Natürlichkeit, welche die Illusion einer Live-Darbietung garantiert. Gegenüber dem mit einem nackten elliptischen Diamant bestückten Master 3 hat Grado der hauseigenen Referenz einen noch aufwendigeren Schliff im True Ellipsoid Design spendiert. Beide Modelle verfügen über Spulen aus langkristallinem, sauerstofffreiem Kupferdraht und sind mit dem, an seiner Spitze besonders leichtem, 5-teiligem Bor Nadelträger bestückt. Konsequenterweise stehen mit der Statement-Serie beide Tonabnehmer auch in 1,0 mV Ausgangsspannung für den Anschluss am MC-Eingang zur Wahl. So zeigen ein Master 3 oder Reference 3 an erstklassigen Moving Coil Phonovorstufen was alles in ihnen steckt. Die unter der Reference-Serie geführten 4,8 mV Versionen sind dagegen für hochwertige MM-Vorstufen gemacht. Einschränkungen gibt es also beim Anschluss nicht. Durch diese Wahlmöglichkeiten entfalten diese Traum-Systeme bei jedem Musikliebhaber ihr umwerfendes Potential.

Herstellerinformationen auf Englisch:
Achieving fantastic accuracy and control, the Reference3 does everything the Master3 can do - but does it better thanks to specialized intricate processes while being crafted.

Top of the Timbre

While similar to its younger sibling in a few aspects, the Reference3 has a much longer build time since it undergoes extremely unique processes only a few of our cartridges go through. This longer, more intricate practice produces a more colorful and deeper sound. When working in tandem with the special curing process and individual calibrations, we have the best cartridge in the Timbre Series.

The Materials

To make the Timbre Series work as a whole, we created a way for Jarrah, diamonds, and a twin magnet system to integrate with our Flux-Bridge™. We modified our four piece OTL cantilever technology to achieve a 5% tip mass reduction over the Prestige Series and use ultra-high purity long crystal (UHPLC) oxygen free copper wire in the coils. The Reference3 uses a specially Grado designed true ellipsoid diamond.

Extreme Precision

Grado has combined newly developed coil winding techniques with decades-old disciplines. A new two-step shielding process brings not only exact unison between the four coils but an unobstructed path for a cleaner signal. The music is allowed to travel undistorted through the coils, greatly reducing mechanical noise while improving tracking. There is an extreme clarity over the full frequency range, with absolutely no stridency or shrillness. Precisely hand tipped with a diamond, a great amount of care go into each cartridge we build.

Built from Jarrah

After the Reference3 cartridge is crafted, it is then placed inside a Australian Jarrah housing. Jarrah is necessary for the majority of Timbre Series with its ability to produce surgically precise clarity without losing any depth. Through a variation of thermal aging processes, the housing gains the ability to better dampen and control the resonant frequencies. 

Hand-Built in Brooklyn

Each Reference3 is hand-built by our team in Brooklyn, as it has been for decades. After a specialized process that brings it to life, they are fine tuned for everything from entry-level turntables up to the highest-end stereo systems, the solid mass of the wood helps keep the Sonata3 steady and producing the Grado signature sound. We started building cartridges on a kitchen table in 1953, and every experience since then has led to the creation of the Reference3.

The arrival of a cured mahogany cartridge identical to the one I already owned found me unprepared for the next vaulting leap in my listening education. Within a week of auditioning the 0.5 mv Statement Reference, I began to believe that both my new and vintage vinyl had received a rite of purification, cleansed and made better than new. It was also as though the tiny hairs in my inner ear had been degunked, and in a stroke my hearing was perfectly clear.
"Lang Phipps, Audio Reviewer"

  • Body: Australian Jarrah Wood
  • Cantileaver: Machined Boron / Diamond Tip
  • Output:
    High 4.0mV @5 CMV (45)
    Low  1.0mV @5 CMV (45) 
  • Inductance: 
    High Output 55mH
    Low Output  6mH
  • Resistance: 
    High Output 660 ohms
    Low Output  70 ohms
  • Input Load: 10k-47k ohms
  • Cartridge Weight: 10 grams
  • Tracking Force: 1.6-1.9 grams
  • Compliance 20μm/mN
  • Channel Separation: Average 30db - 10-30k Hz
  • Controlled Frequency Response: 10-60 KHz
  • Non-Sensative to Capacitive Load
  • Builds: High Output, Low Output, Mono (bestellbar) 

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