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Ist der PACIFIC der beste DAC auf dem Markt? Wir wissen es nicht. Wir wissen nur, dass wir noch... mehr
Produktinformationen "LAMPIZATOR | Pacific DAC"
Ist der PACIFIC der beste DAC auf dem Markt? Wir wissen es nicht. Wir wissen nur, dass wir noch keinen besseren gehört haben. Das erstaunliche an ihm ist, dass er praktisch keine klangliche Signatur hat. Er nimmt sich vollkommen aus dem Geschehen zurück und lässt die Musik passieren. Was so einfach klingt, ist praktisch das Schwierigste überhaupt, denn zwischen Musik und ihrer Wiedergabe gibt es viele jede Menge Bauteile.
Kein Wunder, dass es 10 Jahre gedauert, ihm diesen Reifegrad zu geben. Und es hat sich gelohnt.


Hersteller-Infos (auf Englisch):


The invisible DAC. It has no sonic signature. It does not get in the way, between you and the music. In the room it can not be seen, what we see is merely a reflection in the polished 24ct gold. The reflection of our room. Our world. The light around us. The gold finish is not a glittering gimmick - it is the most durable protection money can buy, beats any lacquer or paint. The Pacific DAC will work for decades, and those who inherit it, will still admire the golden look.

Our LampizatOr R&D laboratory spent 10 years refining one product - with an obsession of good sound in mind - the DAC. We have arrived at this design as the culmination of that research efforts. In average we prototyped one new DAC per week. Listening to it  proves, that it was well worth it. If it could only look as good as it sounds!

The Pacific DAC is our new creation, rising the bar in the area of digital to analog conversion.

It took over a year of intense research to push every technical aspect of our DAC technology to the new levels, we took everything thats great about Lampizator DACs and created the state of the art reference product. We have a very clear idea what the reproduced music should sound like - like real live music. Our flagship products always had this sound in their design, thats why they inspire some of the world's most demanding listeners, reviewers and musicians. The Pacific DAC has been designed from the ground up with one goal in mind - to create a DAC that supersedes everything we have heard before and done in “the Lampizator way”.

Every part of The Pacific DAC is completely new, even if rooted deeply in previous designs. The four main pillars of the construction are: the digital conversion section, the power supply section, the tube output section and control / management / volume section.
And all this is housed in a unique chassis of pure polished brass.


  • Unique tube conversion output with Single Ended Triode, Directly Heated Triode, Active Dynamic Tube Anode Loading & Zero Feedback

  • New digital “engine” board with a conversion process unique to Lampizator with DSD512 auto-sensing

  • New USB & LAN computer interface that is with preinstalled ROON bridge

  • New transformers, power supplies, new heater power circuits and new chassis

  • New Taras 2017 VC-04 Volume Management System

    LampizatOr The Pacific - our new reference „flagship” model.

    The phenomenally musical result is a combination of eight factors that rarely meet in one product:

    • DSD native filter technique, most advanced PCM processing known

    • Use of DHT tubes in one stage, zero feedback fashion, in purest Active Anode Load SET mode

    • MUNDORF silver/gold capacitors selected after testing all the world leading caps

    • Hand made with silver wiring in teflon insulation, gold plated PCB traces

    • Tube „diode and chokes” power supply with grossly oversized parameters

    • Use of metal foil power supply capacitors instead of cheap electrolytics

    • Use of the best FPGA asynchronous and custom powered USB with two own clocks and customized firmware

    • Use of resistor ladder discrete volume control

    • The tubes we use are 101D, 300B, 6A3, 245 or 45’s, 242 and PX4 (interchangeable). Yes - you CAN roll them all

    • In every DAC, which is an ultra rare solution. We are proud in being the pioneer of this technology.

    • We also used DHD - directly heated diodes as rectifiers (5U4G is the standard), but one can roll 274B, 5c3s,

    5U4, 5R4, GZ34, 5Y3.


Size: [W x H x D ] cm


PCM conversion

DSD conversion

Output voltage signal

Optional inputs

Mains Voltage:

AC powert consumption

Tube compliment

Output capacitors

Rectifier tube





43 x 19 (plus tubes 15 cm) x 52 (plus 10 cm for cables at the back) (17” x 71/2x 20)

20 kg net, (50 lb) 30 kg (70 lb) shipping gross (ships in the flight case)

New fully balanced 2017 engine code “57” - up to 24 bit, up to 192 kHz via SPDIF, up to 705 kHz DxD via USB up to 32 bit/356 kHz via LAN

via LAN or USB only, auto-sensing, auto switching, 64x, 128x, 256x, 512x

3 V pp, adjustable by request. In Volume control models - 6 V pp adjustable in 64 one dB steps

BNC, second SPDIF-RCA, AES/EBU, Toslink

110-240 V AC, with built in RFI filter

70 W (SE) and 90 W (Bal)

one 5U4G rectifier, two 6H6P dual triodes, two SET DHT triodes (four for balanced) with a switch allowing for the use of: 300B, PX-4, 101D, 45, 245, 345, 242, PX25

Mundorf Supreme Silver/Gold or equivalent

5U4G or 274B - Octal base - or any 5V equivalent like 5AR4WGB, 5Y3, GZ34

High end STACORE footers

Pure solid brass, clear coated.

WBT inputs and outputs

5 years excluding tubes

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