SOtM Audio | SOtM sMS-200 ultra, Mini Netzwerkplayer

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Produktbeschreibung SoTM sMS-200ultra Der SoTM sMS-200ultra ist eine verbesserte Version des... mehr
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SoTM sMS-200ultra
Der SoTM sMS-200ultra ist eine verbesserte Version des erfolgreichen Mini-Netzwerkplayers sMS-200, befindet sich in einem neuen Gehäuse und ist mit der neuen ultra-rauscharmen sCLK-Clock ausgestattet. Key-Features sind u.a.: Eigens angefertigter, ultra-rauscharmer Oszillations-Schaltkreis, Weitbereichs-Spannungseingang, ultra-rauscharmer 5V/0,5A-Ausgang. 

Features (Auszug)
DLNA Renderer
Logitech Media Server
HQ Player NAA

SoTM sMS-200ultra

The sMS-200ultra is an upgraded network player equipped with a dedicated media player board and a high performance audio clock, born from SOtM’s years of experience.

 Improving upon the great reviews and user feedback on the sMS-200, the sMS-200ultra has been designed to include the sCLK-EX clock — the heart of this superior piece of digital audio equipment. This new combination brings dramatic improvement to your sound. If you’ve been enjoying the great performance of the sMS-200, the addition of the sCLK-EX will enhance your experience beyond the usual limitations of traditional small source devices.

 Use the master clock connector option to sync the sMS-200ultra with an external master clock device such as a Rubidium clock. This feature has the potential to redefine your perception of sound from small network players. 

 The sMS-200ultra is a piece of digital technology device, but because it is based on SOtM’s deep understanding of analog technology, it can be defined as one of the few high-performance digital audio devices that performs superior analog sound.

 With cutting edge technology providing the newly adapted heart to the sMS-200, the sMS-200ultra is born. Impress yourself with truly beautiful music.

sMS-200ultra Neo

 The sMS-200 Neo is the updated model to our previously very successful sMS-200. While the original model sounded very neutral and balanced, the changes brought about by the updated sMS-200 Neo will mostly be perceived as a more relaxed presentation. Although the standard sMS-200 is already an overachiever, the sMS-200 Neo retains this while still adding an extra dose of musicality to the party.



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