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Puccini Anniversary Vollverstärker 20 years of Audio Analogue, 20 years of Puccini,... mehr
Produktinformationen "Audio Analogue | Puccini Anniversary Vollverstärker - schwarz"
Puccini Anniversary Vollverstärker

20 years of Audio Analogue, 20 years of Puccini, the two things go hand in hand ... the Puccini, the first amplifier and the first Audio Analogue product and absolute milestone of high fidelity audio. The dream was to create the best Puccini ever, a product that would mark a turning point in the history of Audio Analogue and show the way for what will be the products of the future, created with the intention of giving top sound performances, but also technically very advanced. This is certainly a tall order and to make it possible we have seen the consolidation of an idea born in the Airtech laboratories: development of an integrated amplifier without global feedback, being this way less sensible to the kind of load driven, without the tendence to oscillate, without high frequency resonance peaks, with no saturation in the input stages and with completely balanced circuitry. 
Technical description
Heavy metal chassis, aluminum front panel with 14mm thickness, remote control. Volume control with an encoder that communicates with the four digital high precision Analog Devices potentiometers(two per channel). Volume with four possible curves selectable according to the sensitivity of the speakers. Indications of volume level and selected input, thanks white LEDs with brightness adjustable on two levels, or switched off. Inputs with high-quality gold-plated RCA connectors with Teflon insulation, soldered directly to the input's board and activated via signal relays. All stages of the amplifier on separate boards. Printed circuit boards have golden copper footprints with double thikness compared to standard PCBs in order to increase the electrical conductivity. Fully dual-mono circuitry. Transformer power 700VA, six pairs of ON-Semiconductor power transistors (three per channel). All internal wiring with pure solid 7N OCC copper conductors, military standard resistors, audiograde polypropylene capacitors, copper binding posts gold plated.
Technical features
Channels 2
RCA inputs 4
XLR inputs 1
Input impedance 47KOhm
Power on 8Ω load 80W @ 1% THD + N
Power on 4Ω load 160W @ 1% THD + N
Power on 2Ω load 300W @ 1% THD + N
Sensitivity(8Ω output nominal power) 490mVRMS
Frequency Response(Att. 0dB, -3dB band) 80KHz
Output resistance(2Ω nominal power and 1kHz) 0.17Ω
Input Noise(Band limits 0Hz-80kHz/A-weighted) =30µV/=10µV
SNR =110 dB
Standby power consumption(230VAC) 0.7W
Dimensions(HxWxD) 120x445x390 mm
Weight 15.5 Kg
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