PS Audio | Perfect Wave Power Plant P 10 SinusGenerator

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PS Audio | Perfect Wave Power Plant P 10 Über die Wichtigkeit perfekter... mehr
Produktinformationen "PS Audio | Perfect Wave Power Plant P 10 SinusGenerator"

PS Audio | Perfect Wave Power Plant P 10

Über die Wichtigkeit perfekter Stromversorgung muss man im Prinzip nicht mehr viele Worte verlieren. Besonders treffend hat es Dr. Ludwig Flieh in
Hifi&Records 2/2006 ausgedrückt: „Der PS Audio [Power Plant P500] bestätigte mir, dass sauberer, neu erzeugter Strom für wirklich jede audiophile HiFi-Kombination ein Gewinn ist. Er entscheidet darüber, ob das Ergebnis artig oder großartig wird
Was sind "Power Plants", was tun diese?
Power Plants sind viel mehr als „nur" Zubehör !! Es sind Komponenten die den Strom aus der Steckdose beziehen, diesen aber komplett neu regenerieren. Damit wird den an einem Power Plant angeschlossenen Geräten regelrecht neues „Leben" eingehaucht. Dieser Vorgang legt ungeahnte Klang- und Bildqualitäten frei. Die Verbesserung durch perfekten Strom ist oftmals nur vergleichbar mit dem Ersatz Ihres 1.000€ Verstärkers durch einen neuen für 10.000€. Und diese Verbesserung erleben Sie mit allen angeschlossenen Geräten I Egal in welcher Preisklasse 1 

Gegenüber dem bisherigen Power Plant Premier haben die
neuen einige deutliche, auch klangliche Vorteile zu bieten. Hier
nur die wichtigsten:
- verbesserte Verzerrungs (THD) Reduzierung 
- 10-fache Reduzierung der Impedanz, d.h. die Power Plants können „schneller" Strom liefern als das Netz !
- Größere Onboard Speicherkapazität 
- Touch Screen zur komfortablen Bedienung und Abfrage aller relevanten Informationen 
- Eingebautes Oszilloskop, um unmittelbar die eingehenden und produzierten Sinuskurven abzulesen
- Komplette Unterdrückung aller Gleichstromanteile im Netz. 

Es sind schlicht die besten Power Plants, die PS Audio je gebaut hat ! Paul McGowan hat damit die Messlatte für perfekte Stromversorgung auf neue Höhen gehievt. Daran müssen sich alle anderen Konzepte messen lassen.

Aber das wichtigste: Was passiert klanglich ? Dazu einige Profi-Kommentare zum bisherigen Power Plant
Tom Frantzen attestiert in STEREO 6/2007:

„Nun, das erste Stichwort zum Höreindruck könnte wohl
„geschmeidig" lauten, denn die über die komplett - also samt Endstufen - angeschlossene Kette reproduzierte Musik gewinnt immens an Fluss, Tiefe und Ausdruck ... [Es] kommen ungehörte Details zum Vorschein, darunter sogar Texturen im nunmehr konturierteren Bass ... Das ist sie, die ultimative Stromquelle."
Und was sagt D? Reinhold Martin (Hifi&Records 4/2007)

,,Nun jedoch zur Frage aller Fragen: Braucht man den Premier wirklich?
Lassen Sie mich mit einer Gegenfrage antworten: Kann man es sich
ernsthaft erlauben, auf den Premier zu verzichten? Meine Antwort hierauf
ist ein ganz entschiedenes Nein ... Als Fazit: Der Power Plant Premier von
PS Audio ist der Fels auf den man seine HiFi-Träume bauen kann.
Angesichts des immensen Zugewinns an Klangvergnügen ist der Power
Plant Premier für nicht einmal dreitausend Euro nichts weniger als ein
Schnäppchen. Jedenfalls ein absolutes Muss für jeden, der unser Hobby
ernsthaft betreiben will." Fazit: Unverzichtbar für Hör - Gourmets. Egal ob Highender oder Profi !

The touch panel

Touch the full color display on the front of the Power Plant and a whole world of opportunities open up. From here you can change all your settings such as the turn on/off sequence, adjust the output voltage to the perfect level, turn individual zones on or off and measure the power quality with either the built in oscilloscope or the THD analyzer.

The P10’s front panel controls offer a wealth of options not normally associated with AC power products such as the ability to measure the distortion of the incoming and outgoing waveforms plus the ability to actually see the waveforms with the color oscilloscope.


One of the major advantages of generating new power from old is the ability to also generate new waveforms that enhance the capabilities of the power feeding your equipment.

MultiWave extends the peak charging time of the sine wave so connected equipment has more energy storage and less power supply ripple. Turning MultiWave on is like adding a larger capacitor bank to your connected equipment’s power supply. The audible results are dramatic and produce a bigger soundstage that sounds far more natural than with a simple sine wave.


CleanWave is another unique feature to the Power Plants and helps connected equipment demagnetize their transformers. AC power is never quitesymmetrical and the small asymmetry that occurs can magnetize connected power transformers.

Activating CleanWave from either the Power Plant remote control or front panel touch screen can remove this problem from connected transformers resulting in far cleaner audio.

100 times lower output impedance

Low output impedance is critical to maintaining a dynamic and robust presentation. Dynamic sags in the power line occur whenever your power hungry equipment demand power to drive your loudspeakers or projector causing noticeable degradation in the performance. Placing anything in the path of the power, like a power conditioner, only worsens the problem.

A Power Plant, on the other hand, regulates the power and provides a constant output irregardless of the dynamic demands of power hungry equipment or your neighbors. When your power amp is asked to produce loud orchestral levels you want to make sure it has all the power it needs. Power Plants have such low output impedance that even the hungriest of amplifiers won’t be starved for clean AC power. The results of feeding your equipment with low output impedance are dramatic:unrestrained dynamics even under the loudest passages, an open wide soundstage that does not collapse with volume and a naturalness to the music that is remarkable.

Owners who have invested in a Power Plant can rest assured their connected equipment will be safe from any power line event such as over voltage, under voltage, surges, spikes and potentially threatening problems.

The input voltage to the Power Plant is fully protected by state-of-the-art clamping devices and the output of the Power Plant is fully regulated so even large voltage swings that would normally damage connected equipment are made safe by either clamping or regulating. In most cases, connected equipment enjoys the protection and performance benefits of fully regulated power, even under extreme circumstances.

High current soft start

Another protective measure found on some Power Plant models is a high power soft start feature.

The P10 has a separate high-current zone that soft starts even the biggest power amplifiers.

With a Power Plant there’s no longer any need to worry. Using the unique high current zone built into the Power Plant, even power amplifiers that might trip a home’s circuit breaker are soft started and power up as nice and polite as could be.

This soft start feature also helps prolong the life of connected equipment from large inrush currents needed to fill up empty power supply capacitors.

Monitor your system’s heartbeat

You can monitor your power quality and performance of your equipment from the front panel of the P10 with both its real time distortion analyzer and workingoscilloscope. Measure everything that’s going on affecting your system’s performance. You can also monitor and control your P10 over the internet from anywhere in the world.

The P10 will monitor your power line quality and report any problems to you through the web page, text alerts or emails sent anywhere you wish. It’s up to you. The P10’s real-time and on-line measurement system includes surges, voltage levels, power usage and power quality as measured by THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) on the line.

The data is stored on our servers and available via the web interface for the P10. Customers can look at power quality over time, or drill down to specific times of day to find out if there’s a problem involving the home’s power. Sagging voltages, high distortion and multiple brownouts are occurring more than one might think. With the installation of a P10 in the system, you can accurately record events and present them to the utility company for repair or just keep a log.

Connect from anywhere in the world

With a P10 system installed, not only can you check system and power line status from anywhere in the world, get emails sent to you from the device (if you want) and be assured you’re always connected to the internet, but you will also be able to go a lot greener than ever before.

The P10 will allow you to schedule system ‘vacations’ or down time so you’re not burning power when you don’t need to. This can be in the middle of the night, or when you’re on vacation and when you’re ready, the P10 turns everything back on for you zone-by-zone. Perhaps there are a few critical components you want to remain on, but others are OK to shut down and save power. No problem.

To access this feature there is a simple graphical calendar. Simply click on the dates you want the system to turn off and the dates you want it to come back on and everything will be ready for you upon your return. You can schedule your equipment (some or all) to be warmed up and ready to. And if your equipment needs an IR command to actually get it out of standby, that’s no problem either. The P10can easily send IR commands on schedule as well.

Input naming and customization

With 5 zones available on the P10 it is important to know which piece of equipment is being powered by which zone so you can access from either the front panel or the web interface. On a P10 it’s easy. You can name each zone anything you wish via the P10’s easy to use graphical interface available online or through the front panel touch screen.

Once the outlets are named then it’s quite easy to schedule when they turn on/off or the sequence that they are powered on. For example, you may wish for all your sources to turn on first, warm up and then when you decide it’s long enough, your power amps will turn on.

IR and trigger controls

In the back of the P10 there are two mini jacks that can be assigned as either an IR input or output or a DC trigger transmitter or receiver. For the IR capabilities, the P10 can be assigned up to 15 separate IR commands for any zone and these IR broadcasts can be triggered by any number of assignable events. This helps P10 owners maintain complete control over not only the AC power, but by directly controlling that same equipment through a remote control.

If you have equipment that needs a DC trigger to turn it on or off remotely, you can assign one of the mini jacks to be either the sending or receiving unit for these commands and remotely turnon/off equipment or have that equipment remotely turn on/off the P10.

Environment Specification


Location Indoor use only
Duty Cycle Suitable for continuous operation
Moisture Sensitivity Not sealed against moisture
Operating Humidity <80%rh
Storage Temperature -40C to +40C
Operating Temperature 0C to 40C
Max Operating Altitude 12,000’ (3500m)
Electrical Supply Nominal Rating 230V 10A 50/60Hz

Instrument Specification

Unit Dimensions 17” W x 14” D x 8.5” H (43cm W x 36cm D x 21.5 cm H)
Unit Weight 73 lbs ( 33kg)
Shipping Dimensions 23” x 20.5” x 13.5” ( 58cm x 52cm x 34cm)
Shipping Weight 82 lbs (38kg)
Nominal Input Voltage 200 –285VAC
Maximum Continuous Load 1500VA
Maximum Peak Load 2000VA
Voltage Regulation 1V
Output Distortion (Resistive Load) <0.9%
Output Distortion (Reactive Load) <0.9%
Output Impedance <0.015 ohm
Noise Reduction 100kHz – 2MHz >80dB
Efficiency @1200 VA >85%
Standby Power Consumption  
Input Frequency 45 – 65 Hz
Under Voltage Limit Continuous -10% of setting 15 sec duration -15% of setting
Over Voltage Limit Continuous 5% of setting 15 sec duration 10% of setting
Energy Dissipation 3670J
Peak Current Surge 84,000A
Max Surge Voltage 6,000V
Clamp Level 800V
DC Trigger Configuration Tip Positive
DC Trigger Voltage 5 – 15Vdc


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