Closer Acoustics | 300B Provocateur Röhren-Vollverstärker

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Closer Acoustics | 300B Provocateur Röhren-Vollverstärker verwendete Röhren 2x 300B 2x... mehr
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Closer Acoustics | 300B Provocateur Röhren-Vollverstärker

verwendete Röhren
2x 300B
2x 6SN7
1x 5U4G

The origins of Closer Acoustics are so strongly tied to Lencoheaven and Beauvechain, that I always reserve this annual event to introduce something new.
This time it is very special, because we are expanding our products range to electronics. No, it is not that I somehow miraculously have acquired deep expertise in this area… Together with Robert Rolof, who dedicated his whole life to analogue audio, we decided to take opportunity of this shared interests and join forces to offer a system that we both could really like and be proud of…

In fact the clients that have been coming to evaluate the speakers with their different amps have encouraged me to look for a point of reference. I need this, because our loudspeakers deserve good companions. And because I had different opportunities to put them together with different electronics the best sound was always with a very good 300B amplifier. I wanted dynamics, detail, punch, extensions, delicacy. It took us a few years to put together the 300B Provocateur. Also because I have put somehow cart before the horse by making external design and then forcing the
engineering to go along.

So it is born somewhere between Upper Silesia and Zagłębie, The Closer Acoustics 300 B Provocateur by Rolof Audio. Thank you Robert for all the effort you are putting into our common project.

I would like to thank also very much to my brother Andrzej who does the wood work and has a hard life with my quality requirements and attention to detail. Especially my design fantasies like marrying two different kind of materials and in varying shapes what requires marrying different technologies. But this is the only way. And brother the public really admired your work. Kudos to you!!!

I am very pleased with reaction of my audio friends who very much liked the sound, the design and the execution of the work. It is good because they are always wanting more and are very hard to satisfy…

Here what John “hatehifi” wrote on Lencoheaven forum about our system:

quote: …“Jacek’s 300B amp was smashingly good. As typical, his speakers and musical tast (let’s say: barroom), is away from my own direction (let’s say: yeehaw! to Beethoven), so for ‘what’ they ‘do’, they are spetacular. Listening to those smokey ladie’s voices was close to the Sirens, “come here!! (hear?).” “Eight Points!” end of quote.

That leaves us room for more hard work to earn the extra 2 points. Thank you John.

I also hade a honour to host Jean Hiraga in my listening room (the smaller one) and he was also enthusiastic about the sonic result. Thank you very much Hiraga San for your approval. Your opinion is very valuable to us and to me in particular.

So now my dear reader just sit down, relax and listen to the music…




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