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With Allegro we’re introducing our own 3-way design, which combines a paper cone woofer with... mehr
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With Allegro we’re introducing our own 3-way design, which combines a paper cone woofer with horn and ribbon super tweeter.

Designed for audiophiles and music loversIt’s no easy task to maintain the best qualities of a larger horn based speaker within the given criteria of affordability and size. Still, we managed to encapsulate sheer musicality and effortlessness of presenting the music in complete absence of listener fatigue.

This is the magic we’re all seeking. Designed for audiophiles and music lovers, Allegro loudspeakers ensure long satisfying listening hours and enjoyment of both critical listening and partying at high SPL.


Hand built cabinet
High grade Baltic birch plywood used to provide mechanical rigidity
Special wiring used throughout
Shortest path crossover circuitry with carefully selected, hand wired parts
Solid brass feet with natural felt padding used for proper floor coupling
Grills are an integral part of the speaker system as they contain necessary acoustical filters 

50 × 122 × 41,5 cm

Gewicht: 60 kg

3 Wege
Übergangsfrequenzen: 800 - 18000 Hz
Impedance: 7 Ohms
Kenschalldruck: 97dB 2.83V
Frequency response: 38Hz-20000Hz +- 3dB
Power Handling 500W
1 woofers 38cm, 1 Horn Midrange
Tweeter, 1 ribbon Tweeter

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